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After losing his wife of almost fifty-three years to cancer, David Gross adopts Charlize, a German Shepherd rescue dog, buys a camping trailer, and the two begin their travels.  They explore the West, visiting parks and vistas, rain forests and deserts, family, old friends and new. Accidents, adventures, sadness, joy, problems, and peace populate their journey of discovery.  Ever patient and sensitive to her companion’s feelings, Charlize remains close, attentive, and comforting, especially when needed most.  And at every stop, she greets strangers with a loving heart and wagging tail, showing the way to embrace life.  In Travels with Charlize: In Search of Living Alone, David Gross tells a gentle and open story of recovery.  He knows he must go forward after his wife’s death and face a new future, but that road carries rough spots. Memories spring up to hold him back.  Revisiting friends reminds him of who no longer accompanies him.  And home, to which he must return, still stores a profusion of painful memories.  But Charlize’s presence keeps Gross steady and willing to see a brighter tomorrow around the bend.  In the end, that light shines strong for both.

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Best Author Of Stories About Animals

If you ever had or now have the love of a rescue dog, this book is for you.

It is heart-wrenching! If you have enjoyed the excitement and pleasures of traveling, this book is for you.

Dr. Gross give John Steinbeck competition as a wordsmith. All one needs to do is read the first few pages at to become a believer. If you are sitting in your RV or travel trailer and have your companion pet with you, this book is icing on your cake.

Between Covers These People of History Come To Life

David and his dog Charlize both find themselves and new adventures. I am glad he found new love.


amazon logoverified purchaser, Amazon Review

Super Book

A wonderful well written book that I could not put down. I immediately read the other one Animals Don’t Blush which was even better- no that’s not possible, it was just as good. I’d like another please Dr Dave.

amazon logoTerry Webb, Amazon Review

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