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“Man Hunt” is the story of the Espinosas, members of a secret brotherhood, who rampage through Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico robbing and killing, but only Gringos. Tom Tobin is an illiterate hunter, trader, rancher, Indian fighter and sometimes U. S. Army guide. He leads a small detachment of soldiers to hunt the Espinosas, tracks them down, uses his Hawken 54 caliber rifle to kill them at long range then cuts off their heads. He returns to Fort Garland with the grisly trophies but refuses the large reward for killing them. Why were Gringos the only targets of the Espinosas? Why did Tobin agree to hunt his wife’s cousins? How did the doctrine of Manifest Destiny result in the Mexican-American War and the annexation of what is now New Mexico, Arizona, and much of Colorado and Utah? How did the Americans legally steal huge tracts of land from the New Mexicans? The era of the Mountain Man, the San Luis Valley and events leading to and following the Mexican-American War provide the backdrop for this story of revenge, redemption, repentance and brutality.

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A Western History Lesson


February 17, 2013

For those with an interest in the American West just before and during the Civil War, this is an engrossing read. Much can be learned about the interactions of Native Americans and European settlers moving west and even more about the early history of how the American government treated not only Native Americans but also Mexicans as America “fulfilled its manifest destiny”. The history lesson gives an exciting background for the personal histories of several main characters who are destined to have their lives intertwined as part of the book’s climax.


Who Wrote What,

Amazon Review by Ward


August 7, 2012

A good story with excellent character development. I rarely read historical fiction but this one grabbed me from the first page.



More history than fiction, I still thought it a good mixture of the two and the characters were brought alive within the story.

Certainly an intelligent read and worthwhile, especially for those drawn to this genre. 


 Julie Powel, Goodreads

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