Animals Don’t Blush

Animals Don't BlushJust out of veterinary school, David Gross takes a job in Montana where he’s eager to learn as much as he can as quickly as he can. He does, and using his training, intelligence, and intuition, he seemingly works miracles with the pets and farm animals he treats.

Laugh at some of the stories—poor Frick and Frack that never learn to avoid porcupines and Banty the chicken that doesn’t end up in the pot. Cry as a few hit your heart—the animals that are beyond the work of a vet’s miracles. And cringe at others—the cat that swallowed the darning needle. You’d yowl too!

Animals Don’t Blush sweeps you into the community welcoming Gross and his new wife with open hearts and makes you feel, despite the harsh conditions, it’s a wonderful place to live. As tough and sensitive as his clients, Gross cares for all his animals with kindness and respect. And despite intrusive examinations and heroic treatments, none of his patients ever blush.

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Animals Don't Blush

Animals Don't Blush, David Gross