Last chance to ride.

Bordeaux Bike Tour Day 6 (Jour Six): Last chance to ride.

Route talk by the bikes at 8:30 then an 18.9 km ride through the Pomerol Grand-Cru Loop. I decided to pass. I wanted to make a wine purchase from our instructor at Vignobles & Chateaux and my rear end was sore from the previous days of riding. Purchased 2 bottles each of three different vin rouge recommended by Max after carefully listening to my likes and dislikes. He recommended decanting all three before drinking, something I can’t remember ever having a good enough wine to do that with. I’m certain I would have to pay twice or three times what I did for the three different wines if purchased at home if I could find them. Bags outside our door and checkout of the hotel, then we met in again in the courtyard at 11:40 for the short walk to. Les Giron’dines restaurant for our last, raucous, farewell lunch. The rose flowed once more. At 13:30 we took a group photo then boarded the bus for the trip back to Gare St. Jean Bordeaux.

What a fun group of people!

That evening I found a Mediterranean stand that served their rolled up “sandwich”. It was a long burrito, wrapped in a large flour tortilla made on the premises. Mine was filled with salad and beef kabob moistened with an unusual but tasty sauce. They didn’t serve alcohol so I had a diet coke. It was strange and lonely eating alone.