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This is a historical novel based on recollections of members of the Hanna family and their collection of family photographs. I put my words into the mouths of the characters to tell their story. The novel is, ostensibly, about the lives and experiences of the male members of the family who owned and operated Pass Ranch, for five generations and now the sixth is taking over. However, obvious to any reader, the story is also about the grit, fortitude, determination, and heroism of the women in their lives. Particularly the pioneer women of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, but also the strength of character of the wives I have known personally. Wynona Severance Hanna (Nona), whose photo is on the cover of the book, is particularly inspirational. She was a tiny, young woman who came to the Sand Hills to homestead her own claim. She was successfully wooed by Don E. Hanna Sr. As his wife she encouraged and supported him, pushing him to significant accomplishments.

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