Our Services

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our Data Backup and Recovery plans will have your critical data safe both On-Premise as well as in the Cloud.  Fast file recovery when disasters strike.  Accidentally deleted files? Grab last night’s copy and keep working!

Sophisticated Endpoint Protection

Keep your computers protected against the latest Ransomeware and Viruses.  We use top-rated Endpoint Security so that we can keep our computers safe from today’s threats.

Remote IT Support

Keep the physical contact to a minimal during these COVID19 times.  We are able to do most tech work from afar with the technologies we employ.  Send in a ticket, and in no time – have a tech on your machine and on the phone solving your tech woes.

Cloud Services

Leverage the power of Cloud Services.  Whether you want to use Microsoft Azure or AWS – let us help you with the setup of your Cloud Applications.  Take advantage of Microsoft 365 for your corporate network.

Email Security and Encryption

Heightened Email Security is a must these days.  This is where most of the Viruses and Ransomware penetrate the network.  Our solutions provide State-of-the-Art filters which removes Emails that are compromised so that users will never download them.

Break/Fix Support

General Break/Fix support so that you can call on us only when you need it.  If it’s broken, we can try to fix it!  We have 10 years experience working with computers and can help you with problems you may be experiencing.  Please inquire for support by calling or filling our Contact Form.