Succeeding As A Student


Top jobs require advanced degrees, and the competition for these limited enrollment programs remain fierce. Undergraduates need top scores… and direction on how to achieve them.

As a retired professor, David R. Gross knows the secrets to securing those grades. His Succeeding as a Student: Tips for Using Your Time Efficiently and Studying Effectively provides the details to ensure high marks with specific directions from beginning to end:

  • Deciding which classes to take and when to take them
  • How to arrange your schedule of classes and study times
  • Effective preparation prior to class
  • The importance of scheduling time for play
  • How to study efficiently and effectively
  • How to take exams
  • Gaining admission to graduate programs

In high school, you might have been able to wing it and cram for exams and still do well. No more. At the college level, you will require sophisticated study habits to succeed, and they are here in Succeeding as a Student. Follow the advice, make the most of your time in college, and reach your lofty goals.

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