More Andalusia Biking

More Andalusia Biking
These are some cork oaks that have had the bark harvested. They remove all the bark from a little above the ground up about 5 feet. They are able to re-harvest about every 9 years, according to our leader Alejo. We rode through this forest.
David with some bike safety
This is our leader David with some bike safety tips before we set out in the am. The objects on the ground show the various elevations to be encountered that day. They do NOT represent how steep, long, or difficult the climbs are. That was probably best.
Kate did not have an electric assist on her bike but her husband had a hand on her back pushing her up all the most difficult hills. Leader David is capturing the image.

I have to say that watching this husband and wife team interact with each other and with the other people in the group, especially me, made my eyes flow with tears thinking about Rosalie, my wife of almost 53 years. I don’t think she would have done the biking but she would have loved the people. This adventure, and it was that, ranks among the best so far.

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  1. Kizzie Elizabeth Jones

    I can only imagine how exhausted you must have been after your train adventure! Hopefully you got a good night’s sleep before your first day of biking! You paint such expressive word pictures, easy to feel as if right there with you! (couldn’t get the program to accept my comment in first blog post)

    A beautiful tribute of love for your dear wife Rosalie. Her memory is a blessing.

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