Five star review for Animals Don’t Blush

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Animals Don’t Blush takes the reader on an enjoyable, eye-opening journey through the ups and downs of a first-year veterinarian in Montana. In accessible, often hilarious language, author David Gross shares a variety of different anecdotes highlighting his rather entertaining experiences as the primary caregiver for a wide cross section of four-legged patients. Throughout the pages of Animals Don’t Blush, Gross’ considerable expertise shines through, as well as the deep-rooted compassion he has for both animals and their owners. Informative without being pedantic, and amusing without being pandering, this page-turning tome is sure to please more than just the animal lovers amongst us.

A highly satisfying literary treat from a truly gifted storyteller.

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  1. Congratulations, Dave! You’ve become famous just since we met. What with your book tours and romance we no longer meet up. I miss that but know you are having a ball. My library project in Myanmar is winding down after seven years…a relief with a million books sent and 950 libraries assisted.

    Been writing myself a bit, just a chapter in an anthology about Myanmar politics & elections.

    Stay well.


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