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James Greene 

This is one of those rare books that restores one’s faith in humanity! When a man’s word stood as enough.

“That evening Jack called a halt at a particularly scenic spot. His mood was lighthearted, and his mood permeated the camp. He neglected his usual practice of ordering all of his horses brought close to him for the night.”

It contains a great plot line that could be made interesting by almost any adequate writer. Well, David Gross is not an adequate writer. He is a superb writer! The emotional attachment I felt to the Jack and his people was strong and almost immediate. It called to my mind the way I felt about Gus McCrae when I read Lonesome Dove. For anyone of you that has read that masterpiece, you will know what I mean about the appeal of Jack Hays as a fictionalized character.

When I first saw the cover of this novel, something told me this would be a novel that would remind me of how good stories held me intent and involved from childhood onward. This story captured my imagination. It enabled me to see places and people I had never before seen or experienced. There are bits of wisdom and puzzles to reflect on long after the reading is over. Everything I have always loved about Texan stories is here – and I want more. 

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