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Jul 09, 2020 Noah Johnson 

Expertly researched, beautifully told, compelling to the last page.

I don’t quite know how to begin to describe my feelings after completing this book. During the course of reading it, I savored each page for the subtleties of the descriptions and the masterful capturing of emotions. I read slowly. I reflected. I let the descriptions and the nuanced thinking seep in slowly to my being and my understanding. Yes, I pondered my own meaning of culture and family in every sense-physical, spiritual and emotional. I appreciated the thoughts that this book generated. Interestingly, perhaps because of the methodical way I read, I eagerly returned to this book late each night not because of action, but rather because of the insights I might gain and the creative, new way of lyrical expression of some profound thoughts.

This book was extraordinarily well written. The prose was beautiful, not falling into the choppy, almost stream of consciousness that other first person narrative works seem to take. The characters were well developed, their flaws very real and understandable.

In sum, this was my first historical fiction book and I have to say I am now a fan of the genre. The author is great at fleshing out the characters and sucking you into the story. I heavily recommend this book if it even looks slightly appealing to you. 

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Layla Jacobson
Jul 31, 2020 Layla Jacobson rated it 5 stars.

You can tell from the title and the cover that this is a special book. David Gross never fails to delve into what’s otherwise unknown in this supposedly modern world. It opens the past that is so raw in our present. I first discovered Gross through his historical fiction offering called The Defender of the Texas Frontier and have been magnetized by his way of writing. It is so creatively objective that it changes you in significant ways. 

In The Warrior Rabbi, I was even more impressed. The setting is more ancient and even more beautiful. The plot is action-packed, and the characters are enticingly relevant to the time period. The storyline makes you want to be in the story itself. I recommend it without a doubt.

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