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Early winter on Pass ranch

We are back in the Sandhills of Nebraska visiting old friends on their ranch, something in the neighborhood of 17,000 acres, Don tells us, “…just a medium sized place for this part of the country.”

I’ve known and been close friends with Don since 1954. He came back to operate the same ranch his great-grandfather put together. I spent the last sixty years living and working in seven different cities and two foreign countries. However, we have always kept in touch. Whenever it was possible our families got together and each time it was as though we had last seen each other the day before. Most fortunately our wives and children became good friends as well.

Don is an economist and widely read philosopher, always looking for a unique and logical way to explain what is wrong with the world and how it might be changed for the better. The stuff he reads is too complicated and deep for me, but he can explain it in terms I can understand. I’m a history buff and try to relate what is happening in the world to our failures to understand and benefit from history. We never lack for conversation that holds our interest and bores tears out of anyone who happens to listen in. That’s the fun part. We always leave with lists of recommended books to read.

Yesterday we had the first fall snow, not really a storm, but over two inches accumulation. Don has a group of calves weaned less than a week ago, pastured close to the house. They are fed a protein supplement and hay each morning and are calming down and settling in. Yesterday’s feeding was done in the storm such as it was, about eight in the morning. Today we are in bright sunshine.


Yesterday they gathered the calves in the snow on horseback.

Making certain all the calves got their share.

This morning the calves were gathered and fed using a pickup and an ATV.

Done with this chore for today. The calves are happy and content.

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